What are my Leaking J71 AutoPark parking brake actuator cylinder repair options?

Leaking J71 AutoPark parking brake actuator cylinder repair options

If you have a leaking J71 AutoPark parking brake actuator, OR you are concerned that the actuator cylinder seal may fail because of age or contaminated system fluid, then you should be aware of some of your available repair options:

1.      If you are still covered by some sort of warranty – – explore that option first.  BE SURE of what the policy covers before signing any work authorization.  In almost every case, the dealer outlet is going to want to make a complete replacement of the actuator – – VERY SPENDY SO MAKE SURE WHO IS PICKING UP THE TAB.

2.      You could go to a Chevy/Workhorse/GM outlet but make sure ahead of time what they are going to charge you.  Most of these “Authorized” places will not be willing to simply repair a leaking actuator. They will want to replace the entire unit.

3.      There are truck shops and such that may be willing to remove the leaking actuator or cylinder and either repair it or send it out for repair.  Very likely at a savings over option 2 – –

4.      You could remove just the leaking cylinder, and take it or send it to a qualified hydraulic shop for service.  Check prices of course before going this route.  We’ve heard of one that charges four hundred dollars – – way too much in our opinion.

5.      Seal replacement can be done at the RVAutoPark.com Shop.  We are set up to do this and have the additional advantage of being able to do an extended pressure test with a bench-test AutoPark system. If this approach is of interest, you can probably save a LOT of money over the above four choices – – With average DIY mechanical skills, you can do the removal and replacement of the hydraulic cylinder yourself with some technical info and assistance from this author.

Contact us for more details such as parts, labor and shipping costs at oldusedbear

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