Is my Genie Lamp working correctly?


Here’s a sequence of things you could do to make sure that everything is working as it should.  It also assures you that you hooked up all the Genie connections in the right place – – It is REALLY EASY to tap them into the wrong wire when installing the Genie.

Turn on ignition (don’t start engine).  Gear shift lever should be in PARK.

Red Genie Lamp should ON – – (It is the one hooked to the Light Switch under the coach).  Green Genie Lamp should be ON.  Yellow Genie Lamp should be OFF.

Now, pull the connector off of the Light Switch – – THE RED GENIE LAMP SHOULD NOW BE OFF.  IF IT IS NOT, YOU TAPPED INTO THE WRONG ONE OF THE TWO WIRES LEADING TO THAT LIGHT SWITCH.  If the red Genie Lamp went off like it was supposed to, you can reconnect the plug at the Light Switch.  The red Genie Lamp should go ON again.  That completes your wiring test for the RED Genie Lamp.  Plug the connector back onto the Light Switch and continue the test as below.

To test the function of the yellow Genie Lamp.  Again, ignition ON but don’t start engine.  Red Genie Lamp should be ON if your  gear shift lever is in PARK.  Green Genie Lamp should be ON.  Now, pull the shift lever down out of PARK, and into any other gear position.  You should immediately hear the AutoPark pump run for about four seconds, AND while it is running, the yellow Genie Lamp should be ON.  The Red Genie Lamp should go OFF when the pump starts to run, and it should stay OFF as long as you leave the shift lever in ANY POSITION OTHER THAN PARK.  If your yellow Genie Lamp does NOT GO OUT after four seconds, but the pump stops running, you have probably tapped into the wrong wire for the yellow lamp.  To confirm this, pull the electrical connector off of the pump motor pressure switch (Rotten Green Switch or Rotten Brown Switch – – either switch color is possible as this particular switch comes in both green and brown).  The yellow lamp when wired correctly, will go OFF when you pull that connector off of the pressure switch.  If it stays ON under these circumstances, you have a problem.  If it tests OK as described in this paragraph, you should be good.  Reconnect the connector on the pressure switch.

The green Genie Lamp should always go ON when you turn on the ignition.  However, it is important that you check to be sure that you tapped it INTO THE AUTOPARK VOLTAGE SOURCE.  That source is what we are monitoring.  If you tapped into some other source of 12 volts, the green Genie Lamp may be ON, but will NOT BE DOING IT’S JOB.  The best way to test this is to locate the AutoPark fuse.  It is normally a ten amp fuse, and located in the fuse panel that is USUALLY BUT NOT ALWAYS located in a fuse panel that is up under the dash to the left of the steering column – – over your left knee.  You should know where to locate this fuse in any event – – take the time to find it now instead of some dark and stormy evening at some terrible place to be stuck with a locked up parking brake.

Click on image to enlarge

AP fuse box






The above is a picture of the fuse block that is in MOST AUTOPARK EQUIPPED motorhomes.  No promises here, not all coaches are created equal.  Anyhow, the AutoPark fuse is usually the red ten amp one up in the upper right hand corner of the picture.  It is normally in the number 19 position.  Sometimes however, it may be in position labeled A/A as in Auto Apply.  Regardless of where it lives, it is vital that you know the location in case of an emergency.

When you locate this fuse, you should be able to test the wiring for your green Genie Lamp.  The lamp should be ON with the ignition ON and the fuse in place.  The lamp should be OFF when you remove the AutoPark fuse.  It is crucial that you make this test to be SURE you are monitioring the correct source of voltage for your Genie Lamp accessory, and not some other source of 12 volts.  .


All of this can be confusing.  Don’t hesitate to contact oldusedbear if you have problems or questions.

Download is my Genie Lamp working correctly? PDF here

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