Tired of AutoPark dashboard idiot light?

Build or purchase, The improved 3 light Genie Lamp Accessory The following PDF writeup consists of text, circuits and diagrams, that describe an auxiliary dashboard warning light system. It operates independently of, and in addition to the regular AutoPark dash light. With the addition of this three light module, it is possible to monitor normal operation of the AutoPark system, and also detect potential problems as they develop. Even more importantly, it provides real attention-getting evidence of an imminent parking brake lockup. This is a device that most motor home owners should be able to assemble and install themselves – - with parts costing less than 20 dollars. Download complete Genie Lamp instructions here or contact oldusedbear for further information.

Need Help with locked up AutoPark Parking Brake System?

If your coach was built between (about) mid 1989, on up through (about) 2006, it may be equipped with a AutoPark parking brake system.  This is a system which can automatically apply your parking brake when you put the gear shift lever into PARK. The earlier versions of this system rely on pressure from the power steering system to release this brake, and the later versions have their own separate pump and reservoir.  Either of these setups can malfunction and cause application of the parking brake - - anywhere, anytime. Download complete PDF help instructions here For follow up contact oldusedbear

AutoPark actuator cylinder leaking?

ACTUATOR CYLINDER LEAK REPAIR The following PDF download is intended primarily for those who are sending their J71 AutoPark actuator cylinder to me at my shop for replacement of a leaking seal. This PDF describes and illustrates steps necessary to disassemble and prepare your auto park actuator for shipping. Download actuator cylinder leak repair PDF preparation here

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