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How to Videos | Check back often for updates 

Installation video for the P30/32 bell crank for the
Workhorse chassis.

Loose steering feel, consider upgrading your OEM bell crank
with a precision built Super Steer bell crank! Well worth the investment. – oldusedbear

RV Oil Change made easier on a Winnebago 38J for Chevrolet Workhorse chassis W24

Oil change made easy on a Chevy Workhorse W24 Chassis,
Winnebago 38J. – “Sometimes using what you have on hand
can be easiest (the simplest approach) and works out being the best”. – oldusedbear

Auto Park Brake problems on P30 motorhome.

Never ever, ever, ever get under a vehicle supported only by
a hydraulic jack.  If you don’t die it will be because you were
stupid and lucky. – Use a pair of good quality Jack Stands.

Motorhome Auto Park brake system Fixed!

Easy fix for your motor home Auto Park Brake system.
How to fix the switch that turns on the evil Auto Park braking  system.

Improving P30 Chevrolet Chassis Motorhome

To help you figure out which issue or issues is giving you the
most trouble, Dave Solberg explains the most common
problems and solutions he’s encountered when it comes to
poor RV handling.

Airbag Installation – Class A Fleetwood Bounder
P30 Chevrolet Chassis RV Motorhome.

Firestone Coil-Rite Air Springs (4100) front Chevrolet P30
1963 through 1999 | The easy way to install airbags in the
coil springs on the Class A Fleetwood Bounder. This one is
on the Chevrolet P30 chassis.

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