AutoPark phone support

We quite often get requests for a phone call to help with AutoPark problems.  This is something we rarely do any more and we would stress that the “backbone” of our communications is email.  There are some good reasons for this:

  1. My hearing is very poor – – I wear the best hearing aids I can afford but still find it sometimes impossible to carry on a meaningful conversation.  On important issues, I usually have to have someone monitor the call with me on this end – – to help with parts of the conversation I don’t hear well enough to understand.  This is an uncomfortable situation for me and I do my best to avoid it.
  2. Much of the information we provide is supplemented with pictures and diagrams.  A phone conversation obviously lacks these advantages.
  3. I often contact several people in one day.  It is just about impossible for me to remember what I’ve talked about and with whom.  A written record is of huge value in this regard.

We hope this explains our hesitation to do anything by telephone.

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