We have never provided any sort of written guarantees on any of the information we give out (for free) or any of the various parts or pieces we may make in our little shop.  It occurs to me that we should at least outline our position on these issues.

I am a “one man show.”  No employees are involved in any of our “products.”  I am at the time of this writing, almost 85 years old.  Getting a lifetime guarantee from me probably doesn’t mean much.  We do NOT have any product liability insurance for the stuff we make or fix.  I got two quotes from local insurance companies – – One policy cost three thousand dollars a year, and another one cost sixteen thousand dollars a year.  I very likely might not live long enough to make three thousand dollars on the small amount we make – – There is no question regarding our ability to pay sixteen thousand dollars for anything – – we don’t have it.

So – – Our warranty/guarantee policies amount to this:  All of the information we give out is free – – It may be only worth what you pay for it.  We do our best to be accurate and hope our information is current, and useful.  Beyond that, we cannot promise that the pictures and written information we share are anything but just our best effort.

Whatever we make in the way of products or devices, is also a best effort.  We hope all of our workmanship, material, and designs turn out to be useful and of good quality.  If we build something for you that falls below your expectations, send it back and we will refund your money – – less the costs of shipping.  Beyond that, we can make no warrantees.  It is up to you, the user, to safely use the information and/or the products in a manner that will prevent any sort of injury or damages to yourself or others.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns regarding the above.  We will address them as best as we can.

Roger Haag – – aka oldusedbear at the web site

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