J71 AutoPark parking brake system actuator warning!

AutoPark actuator warning!

When dealing with any actuators, I would be cautious about two things.  First is DON’T TRY TO OPEN THE LARGE DIAMETER PORTION OF THE ACTUATOR.  IT CONTAINS A LARGE SPRING WHICH IS ONLY PARTIALLY CAGED.  PARTS CAN FLY ALL OVER HELL IF YOU OPEN IT UP and possibly injure you and bystanders.  Besides you are only interested in the hydraulic goodies (which is the cylinder) in the small diameter portion of the actuator.  That’s where the seals are.

The other thing is to make sure that you use ATF – – which is what is used in the AutoPark system, NOT hydraulic fluid.

The above information pertains to the J71 AutoPark system used on coaches built from about mid 94 and later.  If you have one of the earlier systems that runs off of the power steering system, let me know.  That is a totally different actuator.  More dangerous to work on.

Questions and comments are always welcome, oldusedbear

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