Need a replacement Hex Adapter Bushing for RGS (Rotten Green Switch)

Replacement Hex Adaptor Bushing for RGS (Rotten Green Switch)

The famous RGS (Rotten Green Switch), and its “same switch, different color” companion RBS (Rotten Brown Switch), screw into what we call “The Hex Adapter.”  All of the OEM hex adapters that we know about are made of REALLY SOFT aluminum.  As such,.the internal 3/8 – 24 threads on this adapter are very easy to strip when changing out the switch..

Replacements for this part are available from the manufacturer, and we can help you with getting one.  BUT, it will again be made of the same soft aluminum with which you have already had a problem.

As an option, we can supply you with an adapter that we make in our small AutoPark  machine shop.  We make them of 12L14 free machining steel, and they have threads that are far less likely to strip.

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Replacement Hex Adapter Bushing for RGS (Rotten Green Switch)

We charge accordingly for these adapters and that includes the cost of postage (within the U.S.) to you. If we had automated machines in our shop, we could probably make them for a fraction of the price, but they are individually produced and the threading is done on a lathe – – so each one takes over three hours to build.

For further details contact oldusedbear

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