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Genie Lamp Accessory parts kit

After considerable thought on this subject, we’ve decided to assemble and offer, a kit of parts for the Three Light Genie Lamp. It will contain the following:

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Genie Lamp Accessory kit

A three lamp “pod,” which has one each red, green, and amber LED installed and wired into an ABS utility project box. The box is 3 inches wide, 2 inches high, and 1 inch thick (front to back). The pod will be pre-attached to a thirty foot length of 4 conductor 18 gauge wire, and the wires will be connected to the three lamps within the box.

  • Five each push-in type connectors to facilitate tapping into the existing wiring on the motorhome.
  • An assortment of wire ties to facilitate the routing and securing of the wire.
  • A length of wire loom to be used as necessary for protection of the wire where it passes through or over potentially sharp edges.
  • A set of detailed installation instructions.

We are hoping that the availability of this kit will serve to promote the installation of a Genie Lamp on every coach that is equipped with the J71 AutoPark system. One of these Genie Lamp systems will enable the driver to carefully monitor the performance of the AutoPark while the coach is moving or stopped – – a feature seriously lacking on most motorhomes with AutoPark parking brake systems.

We are asking 89 dollars for the kit including postage to anywhere in the lower 48 states. If this is more than you can afford, let us know and we’ll try to find alternatives for you. Genie Lamp accessory with installation instructions can be requested and shipped directly to you, contact oldusedbear with your request.

Replacement Hex Adaptor Bushing for RGS (Rotten Green Switch)

The famous RGS (Rotten Green Switch), and its “same switch, different color” companion RBS (Rotten Brown Switch), screw into what we call “The Hex Adapter.”  All of the OEM hex adapters that we know about are made of REALLY SOFT aluminum.  As such,.the internal 3/8 – 24 threads on this adapter are very easy to strip when changing out the switch..

Replacements for this part are available from the manufacturer, and we can help you with getting one.  BUT, it will again be made of the same soft aluminum with which you have already had a problem.

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Replacement Hex Adapter Bushing for RGS (Rotten Green SwitchAs an option, we can supply you with an adapter that we make in our small AutoPark  machine shop.  We make them of 12L14 free machining steel, and they have threads that are far less likely to strip.

We charge thirtythree bucks for these adapters and that includes the cost of postage (within the U.S.) to you. If we had automated machines in our shop, we could probably make them for a fraction of that price, but they are individually produced and the threading is done on a lathe – – so each one takes over two hours to build.

For further details contact oldusedbear





ACDelco  RGS PN 15961566
OEM Switch Assembly
If you are looking for that infamous “rotten green switch”
that goes on the Chevy P30 workhorse chassis, this is the
one to get. This part is the cause of 80% of failures of Auto
Park parking brake systems. Buy 2 and keep 1 in your coach
as a spare.

ACDelco PN 15034355 Switch Assembly
These pressure switches are about half the cost of the same
parts available locally and Chevrolet does not sell the units
any more. Always buy 2 and keep 1 on your coach as a spare.

ACDelco  PN 10218778 
This part is called simply “The Light Switch.”
This Is another switch used in the Auto Park system in
many RV’s.  It is one of those items that you should always
have available as a spare. The Light Switch turns on the AutoPark
light on the dash when the system pressure is less than about
500 psi.  When these switches go bad, they sometimes short to ground
and cause the AutoPark fuse to blow – – applying the parking brake.

Standard Motor Parts Relay PN RY255
A universal 12 VDC automotive relay SPDT 30/40A
This is a common relay used on many motorhomes and other
vehicles for a variety of applications. Stay away from the $3.00
units, this relay meets-or-exceeds OEM specifications purchase
as a backup, you will need it eventually.  For purposes of J71 AutoPark,
this relay is referred to as the “pump motor relay.”

ScanGauge II Ultra Compact 3-in-1 Automotive Computer
with Customizable Real-Time Fuel Economy Digital Gauges

  • Programmable 3-in-1 automotive trip computer, diagnostic scan tool, and up to 37 digital gauges in one (vehicle dependent)
  • Watch fuel consumption, cost-per-mile, coolant temperature, engine speed, horsepower, and much more in real time
  • Works on all 1996 or newer OBDII equipped vehicles, including gas, diesel, propane and hybrid vehicles
  • Checks for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), clears the codes, and can turn off the “Check Engine” light
  • No tools required for installation, small size fits nearly anywhere in the coach.

YouTube video does pretty good job explaining  ScanGauge capabilities


TomTom VIA 1535TM 5-Inch Bluetooth GPS Navigator with Voice Recognition 
(FREE: Lifetime Traffic and Maps updates)

  • 5-Inch Touchscreen Display with Split Screen Junction View.
  • Enjoy at least 4 full map updates per year at no extra cost for your navigation device.
  • It’s finally possible to avoid traffic! With detailed information about delays and alternative routes that keep you moving, TomTom VIA GPS navigation devices will get you there the faster!
  • BLUETOOTH® CALLING/VOICE RECOGNITION: Keep your hands on the wheel with Bluetooth® hands-free calling and voice recognition.
  • Never miss a turn again with Advanced Lane Guidance. Get extra clarity when navigating complex junctions.
  • 5-inch touchscreen GPS with premium maps of the US, Canada & Mexico–over 1 million more miles of mapped roads in the US.
  • Drive safely with Bluetooth Hands-free calling/voice recognition; find services and more with over 7 million Points of Interest.